About Us

Who We Are

Here at Source Africa Discoveries, we take pride in putting you in the right place at the right time to maximize your wildlife encounters. This is at the heart of everything we do, at all levels of the business. Our team have lived, worked and travelled across the globe, and together we have the requisite knowledge and experience to plan the perfect safari for you.

Experience unforgettable excursions and safaris crafted by our highly experience team of tour consultants. We have a diverse set of safari packages traversing from the lush savannah to the peaks and ending up in the white sandy beaches at the coastal parts of East Africa. We’ll personalize your entire trip based on your budget, time and preferences. We are proudly available on Safari Bookings

Tour Safari Packages

Our packaged excursions and safaris provide the ideal opportunity to explore the diverse attractions Kenya has to offer while delivering the element of surprise and delight to ensure your travel experience is not only delightful but memorable as well. We’ll infuse your safaris & excursions experience with charming accommodations, outstanding local cuisine, warm hospitality and 5 star customer and tour guide service.

Our Team

We believe that no matter how great a place is, only an experienced travel expert can help you discover its unique and amazing qualities. The Source Africa Discoveries team of specialists works with great passion, discipline and knowledge not only to show you the best of the East African Region, but to allow you to feel it with all your senses.


We only feature hotels and lodges that we have stayed in or our clients have requested and believe to be the best in the area of travel, always looking for value, character, and good service. In some of the secluded and undeveloped regions, the obvious trappings of comfort may not be immediately apparent, but something special is everywhere: a unique style, a remarkable setting, wholesome comforts, and a dedication to protect their natural setting and to please every guest.


Our priority is to ensure our clients a 100% safe and comfortable trip. This is why we continually invest in new cars, which are maintained on a daily basis.  Our custom safari vehicles come with a pop-up roof to ensure you a front-row seat to that oncoming herd of elephants or a leopard bearing down on its prey. These are all crucial for a memorable Africa safari holiday tour experience.

Included In Our Safari Vehicles

Pop Up Roof Hatches

Our safari vehicles come with a pop up roof hatch to ensure unobstructed 360 degrees game viewing experience and photography.

Power Inverters

All our safari vehicles have power adapters for electrical charging to make it possible to charge your camera batteries and phones.

First Aid Kit

Every safari vehicle is equipped with a first aid kit. Our driver guides are trained to use this in case of an emergency.

Cooler Box

All our safari vehicles have a cooler box to keep beverages cold. This is not to be taken for granted especially after a long day out in the savannah.

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